Apr 2, 2012

Vibrant Students: Notes from an Agile Classroom:

A report from an amazing 4th Grade teacher using Scrum in the Classroom:

My students surprise me everyday with what they can do with this process.  I am especially impressed with how motivated and driven they are.  This past Friday they were begging me to let them use the Scrum to complete their projects.  I gave them thirty minutes in the morning and then we continued our daily routine.  I had a sub come into my class that afternoon.  When I came into my class Monday morning I noticed that there were a few more projects started by two groups of students.  I couldn't figure it out since I gave them time and they didn't do it when I was there.  The rest of the afternoon was Math, Writing, and their monthly reward time at the end of the day.

I asked the students when they did it and they said that they asked the sub if they could come into the class during their reward time to work on their projects.  The sub had workroom for students with missing work or behavior.  These students were neither type but chose to come in. I was amazed! They chose their topic, groups, and when to do it with out me even being there.  My students love this process and it is such a joy to see them excited to come to school everyday.

4th Grade Teacher and Certified Scrum Master


  1. I am very very interested in this. Have developed parallel ideas, am business manager in a private school. Would love to host a meeting in our town to learn more about what you're doing. Paul Erb perb@tandemfriends.org

  2. HI Paul,

    Thank you for writing! I love that, as a Business Manager of a school, you are interested in transforming the students lives for a vibrant future. I woud enjoy to hear your ideas as well and look forward to a great collaboration.

    John Miller


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