ABLE Glossary

Learning Backlog 

The Learning Backlog, also called a Learning Map, is a container for all the Learning Objectives for a classroom, student team, or student. It should be highly visible to the classroom, understandable by all, and allow for fast adaption of learning based on the perceived needs at the time. The teacher is responsible for keeping the Learning Backlog up to date, prioritized, and relevant to the differentiated needs of the learners.

Learning Objective

The Learning Objective, is the intention for what the learner for learning will be able to do as the result of learning activities. It should be clear, easily understandable by all learners in the classroom. It should focus on the outcome of the learning, not how the learning will occur. Strive for making Learning Objectives as small of a slice of valuable learning as possible so that the classroom can be rapidly responsie to to the needs of learners. In ABLE, we capture Learning Objectives in the form of a Learning Objective Card.

Other names: Outcomes, Enabling objectives, Terminal objectives, Educational objectives, Performance objectives, Instructional objectives, Aims, Competencies

Learning Objective Card

Learning Activity