May 11, 2012

Can Scrum Change The World?

A great article, "Can Scrum change the world?" , by Melanie Webb from on my Scrum in Schools presentation at the Atlanta Scrum Gathering this week. She makes me sound so much better than I actually was : )  And yes, Scrum can and will change the world for a vibrant future.

The Scrum Alliance Gathering was amazing! The best part was meeting the amazing folks that work behind the scenes at the Scrum Alliance. They are the most friendly, warm, and passionate people you could meet. I know they are taking the organization to amazing places.

Trailer for presentation:

Prezi for Presentation: Just pics. I was requested to accompany this with a speaking video or voiceover.  Coming soon!

John Miller
Vibrant Lives, Work, Communities, and Schools

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  1. You are doing amazing things. This is I believe the a BIG part of the future of education. Great work!


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