Jan 26, 2015

Agile Classrooms

I have enjoyed blogging about ideas and experiences of using Agile in Schools over the years.
This blog has served to connect me to others, connect others who are looking for a better way for our students to learn in the 21st century, and a place of trial and error as I and other experiment of what works and what does not.

Yet, it is time to say goodbye. You see, I have evolved my thoughts and ideas through interactions with many classrooms over they years. Although many of the concepts in this blog are still relevant, they lack the clear direction and focus I wish to help readers with. In many ways, the Agile School Blog was a stage in growing up, trying to find its identity.  Nor did I focus my time on crafting a blog of high quality, it was there when I had time, and even then, it was usually rushed. I was busy making Agile happen in classrooms, helping teachers and education leaders apply it. I want to do better. I want to do better for you. So, goodbye Agile Schools Blog.

And, it is time to say hello to Agile Classrooms at AgileClassrooms.com. A place where more refined learnings will be shared. With a direct focus on the principles that underly and Agile Classroom and how to do it. I hope you will join me as Agile in education is growing up and maturing. In the same spirit of Agile Schools blog, all resources will be Creative Commons and yours for you to use.  Of course, Agile Classrooms will continue to evolve as well as we learn more from one another.

Please bookmark AgileClassrooms.com and sign up to get more involved.
I will still keep this blog up and the information it contains.

John Miller

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