Nov 21, 2012

A Startup Guide

I am currently developing a short guide to share with educators on implementing Agile Based Learning Environment in the classroom. The guide will be "teacher-friendly, providing a step-by-step approach on how to beging "Sprinting" right away.  I have a group of amazing Agilists and educators who have signed up to review and contribute to the guide. My goal is to release this, free for all, by December.


The Self-Organizing Classroom: A Startup Guide for the Agile Based Learning Environment

Agile Based Learning Environment Vision Statement:

"ABLE is an innovative learning framework that creates a vibrant self-organizing classroom. Unlike other systems, ABLE gives the classroom a practical applied structure that integrates 21st Century Skills, collaboration, and self-directness throughout all learning."
As I have not written anything substantial since college, besides memos, project plans, and reports,  this has been a re-education for me in the basics of writing and is taking me a bit longer than I thought.

Feel free to email or leave comments on what you think will be important to include in the Startup Guide or just plain simple advice, I definitely need it!

Thank You,
John Miller, PMP, CSP


  1. Hey John,

    I read one of your blurbs and agree with you entirely. I love your idea for improving learning techniques. I do the same as you with the pomodoros.

    Current schools are somewhat backwords. They should focus more on financial intelligence, moral responsibility and individuality, efficiency (pomodoro method, photo reading, mental math maybe, study skills), as well as the classics for a good background which contribute to the moral codes I had mentioned earlier. Maybe if we were to do this, society might not be in the pickle it is in today.

    Working out between pomodoros is something I do as well. Meditating during breaks is a great idea if you could get a type of meditation that might be conducive to "flow state." Which by the way is another thing you may wish to get into.

    Good luck,

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for writing! I am not familiar with photo readin, but, will attempt to learn more. I do think schools can benefit from Pomodoro's. There is a lot of learning research to back this up.
      Not only individuality, but, contributing my individuality to a group of other individuals. The self-organization and emergent learning and growth that can take place with Agile in the classroom is really amazing to see, and I have seen it first hand several times. the concept of "flow" is essential, as the students take the Agile concept of "pull", instead of the traditional teaching practice of "push", so student can find the right balance of challenge to facilitate the state of flow. We'll see how this grows : ) Thanks again and keep providing ideas!

      John Miller


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