Dec 4, 2012

ABLE Guide: Benefits

This is a work in progress as I develop the The Self-Organizing Classroom -A Quickstart Guide to Agile Based Learning Environments
Pleaser email or comment your feedback so I can make this useful and as easy to use as possible. 

What Are The Benefits of ABLE?  

  • mastery of 21st Century Skills built in to all learning:
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Critical thinking and problem solving
    • Communication and collaboration
    • Flexibility and Adaptability
    • Mange Goals and Time
    • Initiative and Self-Direction
    • Social and cross-cultural interation
    • Productivity and accountability
    • Leadership
    • Responsibility
    • Work effectively in diversity
    • Manage projects
    • Produce results
  • delivers the rigor required by the Common Core Standards
  • mastery of Common Core Speaking and Listening Anchor Standards are built in
  • real Life Skills that students can and will apply outside of the classroom
  • diminished behavioral issues and improved attendance
  • unleashes the love of learning
  • self-mediatation of conflict
  • higher order thinking and greater depth of knowlege
  • teacher's role will be more rewarding as they move from the "sage on the stage" to the "guide on the side"
  • character development integrated throughout
  • adaptable to any curriculum and classroom structure
  • rapid learning 
  • minimal resources needed, just requires a marker and sticky notes.
  • transformation of classroom culture
  • radical student engagement & empowerment
  • learners self-organze, allowing the teacher to provide more differentiated and higher valued instruction
  • can start right away, ABLE provides an easy on-boarding process and a pathway to mastery
  • provides "guard-rails" to protect the classroom from chaos as it incrementally empowers learners
  • realtime differentiation of learning

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