Mar 27, 2013

Reflection Activity: Glows, Grows, Knows, and Throws

Get ready for a fun and visual Learner Reflection activity to try in the classroom for Learners to self-discover their strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and where to improve.
"Glows, Grows, Throws, Knows Reflection" by John Miller, Agile Schools


1.What Glowed? What did we did well? What strengths did we discover?
2.Where to Grow? Where can we improve? Where do we need to make changes?
3.What to Throw? What is not working for us? What do we stop doing? Where are we working from our weaknesses that may be better served by working from our our strengths?
4. Now We Know? What did we discover about ourselves and our learning? What did we try new this time and what were the results?

See this prior blogpost on more details about how you use a highly collaborative learning Reflection to engage and motivate lifelong learners.

Get your Powerful Questions and Sticky Notes out to evoke the self-transformation of your learners!

John Miller
"RightShifter of Learning"

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