Mar 16, 2013

RightShifting Learning

It is time to stop walking students backwards into the future.

It is time to shift from a 20th Century approach to an authentic 21st Century approach.

The Conceptual Age is upon us, yet the Industrial Age culture in education still sticks.
The need for 21st Century Skills are real and urgent.
Where is the Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication when students sit compliantly at a desk staring ahead at the teacher?

RightShift the classroom or mass obsolescence awaits students upon entering the real world.

RightShifting the Classroom - The 7 Shifts
  1. RightShift from individual learning to more collaboration 
  2. RightShift from conformity to more creativity
  3. RightShift from dependency to more self-directedness
  4. RightShift from compulsion to more choice
  5. RightShift from monolithic instruction to more differentiation
  6. RightShift from just learning outcomes to greater emphasis on the learning experience
  7. RightShift from rigid plans to more adaptation to learners' present needs
Start RightShifting. Start small. Start big. Just start.